Ugh. My Circle of Life revolves around John Mayer.

I hate to admit this so bad, but if you had any illusions that I’m somehow not lame, it’s best we destroy those right now. I graduated college 10 years ago this month. At the time, I felt like John Mayer’s “No Such Thing” was written just for me. (Every time I hear even just the first few chords, I’m immediately 23 and sitting in the small backyard behind my college apartment with naive notion that I have the ability to kick life in the teeth.)

Mayer’s done little to impress me since. But here we are a decade after I sat out into the world and the song I can’t get enough one is another Mayer diddy. This one’s Shadow Days.

Make fun of me. I deserve it.

When life hands you chili dogs… um, eat chili dogs

Work got interesting yesterday after I picked up an assignment that took me to the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, which is prepping for the Texas Rangers‘ Opening Day on Friday.

I accidentally fell into a chili dog eating contest. My colleague G.J. McCarthy caught the vid above. You can also read a full account here.

My tummy still hurts. But I don’t regret it.

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Wanna know how to make magic?

Give a Type-A personality a glue gun. My friend Roddy is one of those people who can — and does — do everything. He’s organized, creative, analytical, sweet, effective, efficient. One of those well-rounded, fun-to-be-around people whose many layers of awesome are inspiring not annoying.

Roddy took the reins for planning his birthday party. A particularly cool touch was a jelly bean-encrusted picture frame he hand-crafted. Friends passed it around and stood inside it to have the hilarious and creative poses that ensued photographically preserved.

Martha Stewart, you’d be proud. But if I see this idea show up on your show, Roddy will take you down. In a charming, classy way, of course.

NASA turns moon’s evolution into kicking vid

This is cool. Science, while interesting, was always a difficult subject for me. So I’m not entirely confident I could tell you exactly what is happening. But there are collisions and explosions and cool sounds and space and stuff. Those are all awesome things. Plus, according to NASA, it’s educational.

“You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.”

– Stanislaw J. Lec

Government says eat this, but subsidizes that

Clearly, I like food. But not just eating it. I like to strategize about it, too.

I’ve often said it feels like healthy food is more expensive than food that’s bad for you. (And also less accessible, as we’ve discussed here before.)

Well, the fine folks at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine put together a pretty good visual they say may explain why a salad costs more than a Big Mac — because government food subsidies aren’t aligned with nutritional guidelines. This graph, by the way, has been making the Internet rounds of late. But it’s five years old.

Wait… when did the jobs crisis begin?

Author and documentarian Douglas Rushkoff has an interesting view about the economy and how the richest people should not be vilified, but recruited to remake how society and economics play off of each other. He puts his argument forward in the CNN article “A new role for the 1%,” which was made into the above. His idea is based off a summation of history I’d never factored into the discussion on the economy.

Keep calm and watch this video

I don’t remember how or when I stumbled upon the “Keep Calm and Carry On” meme. The mantra was obviously some sort of British propaganda. I got a kick out of the homages it inspired. I even have a one of the spin-offs it spawned hanging up in my cubicle at the paper. I never knew the full back story until this video. It’s pretty cool little tale, actually.

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